2020 Virtual Meeting at a Glance

There will be live-streamed parallel tracks of invited talks and award lectures November 22-23; these talks will also be recorded and available on-demand for the rest of the meeting period.  Submitted abstracts will be presented asynchronously, supported with author-provided supplemental materials, which will be available during all three days, with opportunities for text-based interactive Q&A.  The three days of the meeting will include on-line networking events, the Gallery of Fluid Motion, and exhibitor advertising and promotions; details will be updated as they become available.

The registration fee for this on-line meeting will be significantly less than that for a “in person” meeting.

The abstract submission deadline has been extended until August 10, 2020

Abstract Submission

The abstract submission deadline is August 10, 2020. During abstract submission, you will select a sorting category for your abstract. Note that there may or may not be a direct correspondence between the sorting category and an actual session at the meeting. 

The usual 1300-character APS abstracts will be available for all three meeting days along with flexible supplemental on-demand material uploaded by the authors.  The uploaded material will be posters, presentation slides, recorded lectures, or whatever the authors deem most appropriate for their work.  Text-based Q&A will be available, and authors will be encouraged to monitor questions about their work.  Abstracts will be organized topically, similar to past meetings.

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Invited & Award Presentations

For 2020, the scientific program will include four award lectures, along with twelve invited lectures, and four minisymposia sessions. Each year the APS Division of Fluid Dynamics awards the Fluid Dynamics Prize, the Francois N. Frenkiel Award, the Andreas Acrivos Dissertation Award, and the Stanley Corrsin Award. Each of these will present a scheduled streamed lecture on Sunday and Monday.  These will be moderated by a chair, and will available on-demand for the remainder of the meeting. Additionally, the 2020 Fellowships will be awarded.

Invited Speakers:

Lydia Bourouiba, MIT
Luciano Castillo, Purdue
Randy Ewoldt, Univ. Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Guowei He, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Anne Juel, Univ. Manchester
Douglas Kelley, University of Rochester
Heidi Nepf, MIT
Daniel Price, Monash University
Suzie Protiere, CNRS
Olga Shishkina, Max Planck Institute
Jean-Luc Thiffault, Univ. Wisconsin
Tamer Zaki, Johns Hopkins

Gallery of Fluid Motion (intent Sep 14, submit Oct 12)

The 39th Annual Gallery of Fluid Motion will be held as part of the meeting and will be a series of high-resolution videos and posters that can be watched or viewed throughout the conference with an active text-based Q&A chat box.

The Gallery consists of posters or videos submitted by the community illustrating the science— and very often also the beauty—of fluid motion. Both computational and experimental entries are encouraged. Poster and video entries must not duplicate one another. Outstanding posters, selected by a panel of referees, will be recognized and will be displayed at the Annual APS meeting in March, 2021 and will appear in the September 2021 issue of the Physical Review Fluids.

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Networking Events & Exhibits

Throughout the three-day meeting, DFD will offer interactive networking.  Additionally, organizers are evaluating technology to facilitate person-to-person or group interactions.

Exhibits will be incorporated into the meeting platform.

2020 Hosts!