2020 APS DFD Events

Multiple information and networking virtual events are being planned for participants.  

Note: some require registration upon registering for the meeting.  The event organizers will then be in touch by email with additional details.

WOMEN IN FLUIDS NETWORKING “LUNCH” (12:45 Sunday Nov 22 “lunchtime” in Chicago)(Registration Required)

Networking lunch for female students, postdoctoral researchers, faculty and professionals


Petia Vlahovska, Northwestern University, petia.vlahovska@northwestern.edu
Michelle Driscoll, Northwestern University, michelle.driscoll@northwestern.edu 

STUDENT “LUNCH” (Monday Nov 23 choose “7:00 breakfast, 12:45 lunch, or 18:30 dinner” time in Chicago)(Registration Required)

The student lunch gives an opportunity for undergraduate and graduate students to interact with an expert in fluid dynamics, in a relatively informal setting. DFD2020 will feature a virtual student lunch via videoconferencing. To accommodate participants in different time zones, the student lunch will be divided across multiple timeslots (lunch, breakfast, dinner).  Students will be able to sign up for lunch when they register for the conference, with space limited.

Organizer:  Scott Dawson, Illinois Institute of Technology, sdawson5@iit.edu

UNDERREPRESENTED MINORITIES IN RESEARCH (13:00 Tuesday Nov 24 “lunchtime” in Chicago) (Registration Required)

An opportunity for fluid mechanics researchers from underrepresented minority groups to build community, network with others, and create a platform for mentoring.

Panelists participating will be:

  • Raul Cal, Portland State University 
  • Manu Platt, Georgia Tech 
  • Dennice Gayme, Johns Hopkins 
  • Lorena Barba, George Washington University


Luciano Castillo, Purdue University, lcastillo@purdue.edu 

Sean Garrick, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, sgarrick@illinois.edu

YOUNG INVESTIGATORS WORKSHOP (12:45 Monday Nov 23 “lunchtime” in Chicago)(Registration Required)

Program directors from governmental agencies will lead a Q&A session on their funding awards programs for early-career researchers. To attend this free workshop, attendees must be registered for the DFD meeting and be eligible for at least one early-career award. Attendees are required to sign up in advance during registration. Question submission will be available during the live session and in advance once registration is completed. Eligibility requirements and additional information on the CAREER Program and the Young Investigator Programs can be found at NSF-CAREER and YIP-ONR, respectively.


Ken Christensen, Notre Dame, christensen.33@nd.edu

Jon MacArt, Notre Dame, jmacart@nd.edu

TUTORIAL FOR AUTHORS AND REFEREES (Physical Review Editors) (18:30-20:00 Chicago Time, Monday November 23)(Registration NOT Required)

Publication is an essential part of scholarly research and integral to most scientists’ careers. A good understanding of the authoring and reviewing processes will help authors navigate their way to a published manuscript. In this tutorial, editors from Physical Review Letters and Physical Review will provide advice on topics such as how to write a good paper, how best to respond to reviews, and how to write informative referee reports


Brad Rubin, American Physical Society, rubin@aps.org