What to expect?

It has not been easy adapting our usual meeting into this virtual format at short notice and with so much added uncertainty, so thanks for your patience as we sort out details and get access to the meeting platform, and especially thanks for your patience going forward as we undertake this experiment.

The following information will be updated as plans come together.

Standard submissions

Expect your abstract to be grouped with others in a nominal time slot based on your selected sorting category.  You are invited to engage interactively with messages and video chats during this designated time.

You will be able to upload videos, slides, posters, papers, and/or whatever files would best support your contribution.  We hope to have this available for at least a week before the meeting starts.  We are hoping that this flexibility inspires considerable creativity.

The follow information will be updated as plans come together.

Invited/Award lectures

These will be live-streamed per the posted schedule, which reflect more-or-less our standard meetings:  an awards ceremony, the Fluid Mechanics Prize Lecture, the Corrsin Award Lectures, 4 sets of 3 parallel invited talks each, and Acrivos and Frenkiel Award presentation in parallel.  These will also be available to participants on-demand for the remainder of the meeting.


When does the meeting access start?

November 22, 8 am.

When does the meeting end?

As for our past meetings, scheduled events end November 24 in the afternoon, with exhibits available for the remainder of the day.  We anticipate closing access by Thursday, November 26.

How long should my talk be?

You are strongly encouraged to include a talk or not of any length, as you see fit to support what you want to convey.  It is even possible to upload both a 1-minute flash talk AND a 30-minute deep-dive presentation.   It is also fine to just upload slides, a poster, an animation, a paper, a video lab tour, and/or whatever best conveys your work.  This flexibility is an advantage of the format, and we hope to see some astoundingly creative contributions.  You can also easily link to off-platform material.

When can I get on the platform to upload material?

We’re targeting at least one week in advance of the meeting.  We’re optimistic it might be sooner.

What file sizes will be allowed to upload?

Regular files are limited to 25 MB and 500 MB for videos.  It will be possible to create a link to any larger-files-size material you wish to post offsite.

What file types will be allowed?

Files can be in nearly any format, including MP4 videos.  It is recommended to convert a PowerPoint into a PDF for uploading.

What is the Platform?  And why was it selected?

It is by Bravura.  Bravura has an established relationship with APS and is doing other APS meetings this Fall.  It was deemed a low-cost, low-risk, scalable, no-frills option for our rushed switch to virtual.

Will I need any particular software?

Maybe.  It is web-based, and Bravura recommends Firefox or Chrome browsers.  Our testing suggests that this might be important for the LIVE “Webinar” session.

Is it mandatory to be available during my nominal abstract schedule time?

No, though it is encouraged.  We do not yet know how easy it will be to have back-and-forth interactions on the platform.  The platform will support direct Zoom links for talking to presenters, opportunities to schedule one-on-one chats in the networking module of the platform, and a persistent chat feature associated with each abstract.

Will there be examples of abstracts with uploaded material?

Yes, as soon as we can provide them.

Who needs to register?

As for our typical meetings, anyone viewing meeting content and any abstract first author (i.e., the “presenting author”).